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Rest and restoration. Connect to your Higher Self. Increased presence and greater Awareness. Welcome home to yourself...

Janie Cashmore lives with her rescue lurcher in a quiet village the heart of the Surrey Hills, England.

Janie came to meditation initially by dipping in and out of it, as a way to seek respite from busy mind & busy life, particularly during  stressful phases in her life. For a long while it was a valuable means of escape. Over time it has gradually developed into something more - a life long practice which helps her to ‘navigate the turbulent seas of life’.

Having personally benefited so much, her love of meditation and mindfulness has grown into a fascination and a love of the subject and a desire to share and enable others to access the peace insight, support and wisdom it brings... and that’s to say nothing of the physical benefits.

When Britain locked down in March 2020  Janie collaborated with a dear friend,to offer a daily early morning meditation to a group of friends t support each other during those months of challenge and change. This was so successful, appreciated and personally rewarding that while not working at her usual career of beauty therapist, massage and reiki practitioner, she immersed herself in the study, participation and facilitation of mindfulness & meditation practices. 

Having gained a wealth of knowledge and training from many sources and incredible teachers she has teaching qualifications on subjects including Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga Nidra and singing bowls. She continues  leading and facilitate online via live zoom groups, in person at local venues, well-being festivals and retreats  and corporate sessions, Private sessions and offers audio and video meditation recordings.

Current live sessions

  • Mondays 8.30am  Zoom - online yoga nidra style meditation

  • Fridays 8.30am  Zoom - online Guided meditation/visualisation.

  • Fridays 10.30am @ The Burpham Well-being Yurt, Guildford, Surrey - 45 minute yoga nidra

  • Free meditations on Insight Timer app.

  • Find also in our 'Meditations' section - free meditations and meditations available for purchase and download 

Janie has particular expertise in introducing and facilitating and supporting the practice of Yoga Nidra style meditation.

What is Yoga Nidra?

If you've ever enjoyed the 'relaxation bit' at the end of a yoga class Yoga nidra could be for you.

Yoga nidra is an ancient practice first mentioned in ancient Hindu transcripts.  It has its roots in tantra (mindful) practice in vedantic Shivism and translates as ‘yogic sleep’ or more accurately ‘waking sleep’- it is a very restful and restorative style of meditation which  promotes deep relaxation, often resulting in accessing a liminal state of mind, somewhere between waking and sleeping...this relaxing mindfulness practice. It is also described as waking sleep because it promotes and facilitates Awareness and 'waking up' to enhanced consciousness. 

The practice of Yoga Nidra can facilitate incredible mental, spiritual and physical benefits. Just a few of these include feeling rested and revived, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and even reducing blood pressure when practiced regularly.  

Yoga nidra suitable for everyone and no experience is necessary. It is practiced most commonly practiced lying down in shavasana (corpse pose) and while ideally practitioners remain relaxed and alert, there is no way to 'do it wrong' and what's even better is that it really doesn’t matter if you drift in and out or fall asleep!

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