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Good Monday Morning!

Last night I fell in to bed happy and exhausted after being a part of the success of the very first Wellfest.

My personal meditation to close my day was 'being a shoe'! 😃👡 - as i snuggled down, grateful for my bed, I closed my eyes and began retracing each step of the day...retracing the events throughout my day from moment to moment in reverse - from that moment of closing of my eyes backwards through the day... needless to say I didn't get too far before I fell into happy slumber.

This is a great practice to download your day and promote sleep...the trick is to make sure you move from one moment or event to the previous without staying too long on any one...treating each moment with the same adopted attitude of an impartial shoe simply walking through your day. To a shoe, no one moment would have more importance than another!

WELLFEST wellbeing festival was held at Sutherlands Memorial Park opposite Sainsburys in Burpham, Guildford.

A massive thankyou to all involved especially Ruth Stone and Jane Tyson of Burpham Wellbeing - a wonderful local Guildford collaborative - who made it all happen.

The park was filled with a wonderfully diverse selection of local businesses offering all sorts relating to the well-being of mind, body and spirit.

I myself was so excited to lead the closing meditation which was attended by so many beautiful souls. It was heartwarming. Namaste & Thank you to all those who joined me 💝

I had the best time. it was so great to connect with people passionate about what they do and the gifts they have to offer- stalls, talks, demos, 1 -1 sessions, café and more.

I can't wait till next year!

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