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Myth busting

'My mind is too busy!'

You don't need to already be 'zen' or calm to do it.

Meditation and mindfulness is for everyone, not just for monks!

Yoga Nidra style is especially good for busy minds.

'I'm not spiritual'

You don't have to be spiritual.  There are many mindfulness practices and exercises that involve no spirituality at all.

'I've tried and I cant do it!' 

Start small and grow your practice. You wouldn't turn up at the gym as a novice and expect to succeed at an athletes programme. The 'muscle' of the mind is the same. Be realistic and practice patience. Relax and explore - There are many types of meditation and if one doesn't you try another until you find what  a style that works for you.  

'I'm not bendy'

Yoga Nidra is not yoga poses (asana). Nidra means slumber or sleep. Yoga nidra could be described as a waking sleep as it can settle you into a state of mind somewhere between waking and sleep. 

'I can't clear my mind'

You don't have to 'clear your mind'. Our minds are brilliant and serve us well. Personally I don't want to create a void in my mind, but it can be highly beneficial to have a rest from the constant chitter chatter in the head. The brain serves us even better when we learn how to train it to rest and be directed to good use. 

'I don't have time'

Ibelieve that everyone has time for meditation - even 5 minutes a day regular practice can make a difference.

Gandhi famously said ' I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one'!

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